Asked Questions

1. How will I be able to contact Thirdi Group if I have any concerns or problems throughout the development period?

Thirdi Group pride ourselves on our approach to working with the community and communicating with neighbours in the most effective way possible.

Whilst you are always welcome to contact our project management team directly on the details below, we will be setting up a community section on our website,, for you to visit and get the latest update and contact details of our team.

The Project Management Team will be available for contact at any time throughout the development period. We have listed the following contact details for you to call:

• Senior Project Manager – Wallace Bruderlin 0403 460 913

• Project Manager – Hayden Clarke 0438 147 113


This site also provides a platform to get in contact with Thirdi Group and to provide your feedback. Alternatively, you can contact our office during business hours on 02 9409 7200.

2. What type of products will be built and who is the target demographic?

Our proposed design will consist of a range of 2, 3, and 4 bedroom homes. We intend to deliver a high-end boutique product, aimed at empty nesters, down sizers and small families.

3. What style of design will the building architecture be?

As highlighted, we will be working with some of Australia’s leading architects to help use create a new building on our site. Both SJB Architects and Dangar Barin Smith have an extensive knowledge of the area and what character and style of development council will require.

It is our shared vision with council to create a building that will complement the natural beauty of Kurraba Point and its headland. Mature existing vegetation will be retained and integrated into the design. Native plants will be prioritised and used to delineate the nature of different spaces within the building and on the edges of the site.

The exposed sandstone will also be celebrated through the landscape design that will tie our development to the area in ways that the current buildings are unable to do in their design and materiality.

4. Does the development include any sustainable practices?

Thirdi Group prides itself on exploring all types of sustainable social and environmental practices and will be working closely with our design team to review and include as many as we can. This may include:

• A design to maximise solar access and cross ventilation

• A design that incorporates significant sustainable landscape features such as on-site water reuse and bio-retention measures for watering and maintenance

• We will also be looking to include environmentally friendly construction products such as green concrete for structure and reduced VOC paints

• Solar energy technologies will also be investigated to power common areas and lighting

If you would like to suggest any sustainable practices for us to explore, please contact us via our Kurraba Residences website.


5. How can I provide feedback and influence the development?

Thirdi Group values your opinion and we encourage you to contact us via email or phone to discuss any aspects of the development.

To contribute to our collection of community feedback, please visit Here you will find our ‘Project Survey’ section that includes a range of questions regarding the impact and delivery of the proposed development.

Please note, after lodgement of the Development Application, council will place the proposal on public exhibition where you will be able to view all documentation and provide your feedback on the proposal.

We envisage that this exhibition period will be from December 2018 – March 2019.

6. What materials will it be made out of?

We will be using the local topography, flora, and site history to identify the best materials that are sympathetic to the area and will be used to construct the building.

Sydney sandstone (re-used from the site’s excavation) alongside concrete, brick, timber, and glass will be used in a manner to create a harmony to the streetscape and in broader context, this detailing will be referencing the history of Kurraba Point.

The proposed design will look to incorporate a range of traditional and modern construction methodologies so that the building will seamlessly mould into its surrounds as the native landscaping matures.

7. How many workers will be on site throughout the construction process?

The number of workers on site will vary throughout the different construction stages.

As construction work is in stages (demolition, retention, structure etc.) there is not usually a large number of separate trades on site at once.

At peak times of construction, in any of the stages, it is estimated that between 20-30 tradesmen may be present at once.

8. Who is the builder?

At this early stage of the planning process, we have not started tendering for a builder. This will occur later in the DA approval process and when we are in the final planning stages.

For this calibre of project, Thirdi Group will be looking to engage a high-quality build team, with the attention to detail and professionalism required to complete a project of this nature.

9. How will security be addressed on site?

The site will be secured with site hoarding and fencing, locked to the public domain when construction works are not occurring. During the fit-out stage of construction, there will be an onsite secured tool and equipment storage area provided for construction workers and personnel.

The site will also be monitored closely with CCTV cameras and additionally, a mobile security contractor will be employed to patrol the area constantly during construction to maintain security and will be on call 24/7 to address any problems.

10. If approved by council, when will all this be happening?

We are still in the very early stages of our development application, so we are many months away from starting construction.

If the development were to be approved by North Sydney Council, our construction timeline would include an approximate timeline of 18 months to have the project completed.

This includes, demolition, structure, fit out, public domain and landscape works. This timeframe is susceptible to the influence of construction hours and timings.

Please refer to our website for the latest timeline as this will be updated regularly to reflect the status of the development approval and construction progress.

11. Who are Thirdi Group and what is their experience?

Thirdi Group are a boutique residential property development company with over ten years’ experience in the Sydney and Newcastle markets.

With a current development pipeline exceeding $850 million, our experience and drive to deliver beautiful homes and investment properties are key reasons for our ongoing success.

Thirdi Group is an award winning and recognised industry leader in how we combine traditional property development and investment strategies with a client and community focused approached. This allows us to deliver the best outcomes possible, not only to the clients that purchase our properties, but also for the communities that we create their projects in.

12. What amenity would the development contribute to Kurraba Point?

The proposed project will deliver a significant contribution to the amenity of the local area. During our initial consultations with local residents, over 90% highlighted the need for more off street public car parks, so that residents and their visitors could find parks more easily and enjoy the Hodgsons Lookout Park and headlands.

The current 3 buildings are inefficient in their designs only offering 12 off street car parks with limited visitors spaces. Local residents estimate that over 26 cars (residents living in the current apartment blocks) rely on local on-street parking in the area.

The proposed design will not only compliment and harmoniously integrate native landscaping into the area, improving visual amenity of the point, we aim to delivery over 78 internal car parks as part of our development.

Further, the proposed design includes a significant increase in high quality soft ‘green’ landscaping something the existing 3 buildings lack severely in their current design.

13. How will the development contribute to the character and setting of Kurraba Point?

To ensure we deliver the best outcome possible to the area, we have engaged some of Australia’s leading designers in both Architecture and landscaping – the two key areas that contribute to the exterior character of a building.

We are thrilled to confirm that our design team includes the following industry leaders:

• Adam Haddow from SJB Architects will drive the Architecture and Design of our building.

• William Dangar from Dangar Barin Smith will ensure our landscaping is sympathetic to Kurraba Points natural beauty.

By working with the best and most experienced in the business, we will be able to deliver a project in line with the latest design principles that the community can be proud of.

We will be incorporating high quality architecture and landscape designs, providing a vast improvement on the existing site. An important point to highlight is that ‘site landscaping’ will increase dramatically (over 30% more than currently offered) around the buildings, as well as the internal courtyard that our direct neighbours will look over.


14. What measures will be in place to reduce noise?

We appreciate that noise during construction will be a major concern for our neighbours, so we will be addressing this through two key construction methods that has proved successful for us over the past
10 years of delivering projects in urban areas. We will be incorporating a range of construction methodologies for demolition and excavation that will minimise the output of noise pollution. Some of these include:

1.Saw cutting of rock and blocking, rather than jack-hammer and/or crushing for excavation.

2. Further, the construction site design will incorporate acoustic barrier technology to contain and absorb noise from inside the site. These Acoustic Barriers are commonly use in the
CBD and in noise sensitive areas.

The Thirdi Project Management Team work closely with our building partners and throughout the project, will be onsite regularly to ensure we are compliant with our noise policy.

15. I’m concerned about the traffic congestion as a result of the development.

Whilst there will be a period of time at the start of the development which will require more truck movements to remove debris and excavated material, this will only be in the early stages of construction. We will be working with council closely to create a  ‘Construction Traffic Management Plan’ which must be approved by council as part of the Development Consent before construction takes place. To minimise impact to the surrounds of the site – we are proposing some of the following ideas:

• Reducing the size of trucks used in order to assist with traffic flow on Kurraba Road

• Most likely a maximum 8.8m medium rigid truck – single carriage rather than double carriage trucks

• Truck movements will also be conducted outside of peak congestion periods

• This will be post 8:30am and none after 5:00pm

• *No truck movements on Saturdays or Sundays*


We are also reviewing plans to limit construction workers driving to site and parking by proposing to incorporate an off-site shuttle facility for workers accessing the site. This would include an off-site carpark for tradesmen to park their vehicles or use as a meeting point from the train or bus and access a shuttle service to arrive on site. Tool drop off periods will also be incorporated at off-peak times, where tradesmen will be able to leave and store tools and equipment on site in secured storage areas. This will significantly decrease the amount of congestion on the point and reduce the amount of on street parking used by construction workers.

16. The construction works on site will spread dust into the surrounding area.

Whilst dust is a factor to consider in any construction situation, we will implement a range of dust reduction methodologies we have had success in over the many years we have delivered projects in urban areas. These include hoarding, silt fencing and water dampening to minimise/remove the spread of dust off-site.

We will also be installing state of the art air-monitoring systems that will constantly analyse and provide data on the level of dust within the boundaries of our site. This system will immediately identify if any heavy dust particles are present which will activate a range of planned control measures to reduce the dust to acceptable levels.

Significant in-ground testing and examination of existing building materials will also be conducted prior to demolition, excavation and construction. Our expert teams of builders and demolition consultants will review this and develop appropriate method and controls to minimise any impact to neighbours.

17. How will Work Zones be managed?

We will be applying for a temporary work zone directly out  the front of the development, at approximately 20m in length.

This should have no further impact on current parking availability,  due to the removal of existing sites residents’ cars which are currently parking in this position. (Approximately 26+ cars rely on this street parking from the current buildings).

This will ensure that construction vehicles such as delivery and demolition trucks have a clear space to park without blocking the street and the flow of traffic.

The proposed zone will be returned to a public use parking zone outside of work hours, i.e. night time and weekends.

18. What construction timings and hours would be in place throughout development process?

We are interested in community feedback to influence the construction timings and hours surrounding the proposed development. Some options we’d like to explore include:

  1. A standard 7am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday and 8:00am – 1:00 Saturday, or
  2. Reduced hours i.e. 8:30am – 5:00pm Monday to Friday, with no trucks running on Saturday, to help relieve pressure on the area and reduce uncomfortable impacts of the construction process.

Please note – this would increase the duration of processes such as demolition and building of the structure

19. I’m worried about the development impacting views.

As part of our development application, we have undertaken careful view analysis surveys and photography from surrounding apartments willing to grant access.

These works were undertaken by a registered surveyor, a photographer, and in the presence of the project architects and town planners. The process involved taking photo analysis of existing views, with key lens and height measurements registered and recorded.

This data was then modelled and used to help us determine our design and mitigate any view impact as a result of the proposed development.

If you believe our development may impact your view and you haven’t met with a Thirdi Representative, please contact Wallace Brudelin at or call him on 0403 460 913.