I’m concerned about the traffic congestion as a result of the development.

Whilst there will be a period of time at the start of the development which will require more truck movements to remove debris and excavated material, this will only be in the early stages of construction. We will be working with council closely to create a  ‘Construction Traffic Management Plan’ which must be approved by council as part of the Development Consent before construction takes place. To minimise impact to the surrounds of the site – we are proposing some of the following ideas:

• Reducing the size of trucks used in order to assist with traffic flow on Kurraba Road

• Most likely a maximum 8.8m medium rigid truck – single carriage rather than double carriage trucks

• Truck movements will also be conducted outside of peak congestion periods

• This will be post 8:30am and none after 5:00pm

• *No truck movements on Saturdays or Sundays*


We are also reviewing plans to limit construction workers driving to site and parking by proposing to incorporate an off-site shuttle facility for workers accessing the site. This would include an off-site carpark for tradesmen to park their vehicles or use as a meeting point from the train or bus and access a shuttle service to arrive on site. Tool drop off periods will also be incorporated at off-peak times, where tradesmen will be able to leave and store tools and equipment on site in secured storage areas. This will significantly decrease the amount of congestion on the point and reduce the amount of on street parking used by construction workers.